JAV [English Subs] DDB-271 My Girlfriend Dirty Talk Ai Uehara

This is an Uehara Ai old sub reprint in true 1080p, like god intended to.

The end result is pretty satisfying. Ai-chan talking banter is awesome. I liked when she got aggressive and started to talk serious shit. She was really hilarious after minute 00:46:20.

JAV [English Subs] SNIS-976 Naughty Little Angel Fly Get Punish Hard Until She Cums Moe Amatsuka

Amatsuka Moe is a bratty classmate with a seriously bad attitude. A younger generation Tsundere girl who is rebellious and out of control. These young generation punks are out of control!, I’m telling you!.

Moe-chan has a male classmate who is kind of pervy and one day he suddenly drops a porn magazine on the floor, and Moe notices, picking it up. “Senpai, what’s this?”… Senpai-chan is screwed, or at least he thought so.

Until sometime later he notices Moe-chan nymphomaniac tendencies and he discovers Moe masturbating in the classroom while screaming Senpai’s name. A really funny moment (00:23:00).

Then basically Moe gets out of control and the dude basically decides to punish her, with his dick.

If you guys looking for JAV with hentai flavor this is probably it. Although still, the pace is completely different compared to Hentai. And well, not for anything this JAV release was based on a doujin release.

And Amatsuka Moe is just godly, she has really good acting skills. I have seen her act in so many different roles and situations and she always delivers.

JAV [English Subs] MIAE-076 Home Gangbang Raped Party Tour Meguri

I have always been very skeptical about NTR in general. But got to say this was pretty good and I love this story. Is also awesome and an eye-opener to see Meguri (Fujiura Megu) still around, she is awesome and very hot and. The situation was quite good too.

I subbed the first 2 scenes in which the story gets developed. Everything after that is just sex-scenes, 3P and such, without any relevant dialogues.

The story goes about a wife and husband who held a party for his co-workers. They all start drinking and joking and everything is going fine. But the coworkers have a theory: all girls are cheating bitches. “All” includes Meguri too. So they prepare some hidden cameras and lay the trap to innocent Meguri.

They successfully lay the trap and get everything on film, presenting the evidence to the wronged husband. Who could have never imagined his wife was capable. Outraged and humiliated, the husband takes revenge on Meguri. “So you like random dicks?, I will give you double ration…”.

JAV [English Subs] SNIS-281 Forced To Become Underwear Model Saki Okuda

JAV [English Subs] DVDES-929 Wedding Bride Sex Abnormally Low Hurdle Of The World

In a world with exceptionally abnormal low hurdles to sex things can get weird quickly. This time Norihiko and Minami are getting married.

Something that struck me after watching this video is that in this world the same rules of politeness and fidelity etiquette still apply. Is not really a free-for-all world. But people are just not ashamed of talking about sex, having sex in public, masturbating in public or having inc*st relationships.

Infidelity seems to be allowed if the partner allows it like what happens in the 3rd scene. Oh well, I don’t know, at least is what I understood, it’s hard to explain this bizarre world.

Also, yes, the priest on the first scene is a white male actor, lol.

JAV [English Subs] JUY-584 The Days After Coming Home From Their Dream Honeymoon Become A Cuckold Nightmares Satomi Suzuki

Satomi and Satomi are the couple of the newlywed hoyahoya. I went to Hawaii on my honeymoon for my husband ‘s honeymoon, I swear to each other’ s happiness and bought a couple ‘s amulet of amulets. And the next day, when cleaning my car while making my heart excitement in the couple’s living with a weak me and a disproportionately cute Satomi, my men and my wife got into the car. Apparently it seems like a party will be held at the surprise to celebrate my promotion. Without noticing me who hid in the back seat, the car slowly started running ….