JAV [English Subs] MIRD-125 Fan Thanksgiving Day Fucking Bus Tour Orgy Special Part #2

The second part spans another 4 hours and contains the majority of the massive gangbangs and a few more sex-games.

There’s a very interesting part by minute 02:29:00 in which they shoot the cover for this movie. As we can see, it involves a bit of work, and sometimes a dude destroying it all later in photoshop (not this case, this cover is gorgeous).

On the next scene, they pay homage to the dick-god once again.

By the end of the video, they all return home in the Bako bus. Everybody is pretty much spent, and they guys also relate how many times they did cum.

Overall, and IMO, it’s a very unique video with a lot of rare interactions between actresses that would not have had collaborated otherwise. The fans are real fans too, and it all adds up to a very hilarious video.

JAV [English Subs] MIRD-125 Fan Thanksgiving Day Fucking Bus Tour Orgy Special Part #1

MIRD-125 was done in 2013 for the famous Bako Bako bus tour series (fuck bus tour). Which spanned 23 videos but died in 2014.

They basically bring 16 fans, who are real amateurs and 16 top AV actresses. The thing is scripted and supervised but not rehearsed, so all the dialogues, reactions and many of the happenings are spontaneous. They also stay overnight, playing games and having orgies.

The stack of dope actresses is quite mindblowing. Gotta be the most stacked video alongside with MIRD-141, but this one even has Tsubomi.

Hosted by Meguri and Ogami Wakaba all the girls did a great job. Uehara Ai stands a lot like she always does in this type of videos, a natural born leader.

Takeuchi Sarino was effin’ hilarious too, I would not miss her bits.

JAV [English Subs] JUY-584 The Days After Coming Home From Their Dream Honeymoon Become A Cuckold Nightmares Satomi Suzuki

Satomi and Satomi are the couple of the newlywed hoyahoya. I went to Hawaii on my honeymoon for my husband ‘s honeymoon, I swear to each other’ s happiness and bought a couple ‘s amulet of amulets. And the next day, when cleaning my car while making my heart excitement in the couple’s living with a weak me and a disproportionately cute Satomi, my men and my wife got into the car. Apparently it seems like a party will be held at the surprise to celebrate my promotion. Without noticing me who hid in the back seat, the car slowly started running ….

Watch JAV : Suzuki Satomi Enjoys Sex In Action Big Tits, Blowjobs, Creampie, Cowgirl, Hairy Pussy, POV, Titty Fuck, Short Duration, Uncensored, (English Subtitle)

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