JAV [English Subs] XVSR-054 The Sudden Nurse Call Nana Ayano

XVSR-054 is my second Ayano Nana sub. In which she is a nurse working at a hospital ward. The patients staying in the hospital get stunned by Nana-chan looks and embark themselves into a quest to fuck the nurse.

XVSR-054 does two things very well:

Feature Ayano Nana sexiness in a major way. She looks awesome and hot during the whole duration of the film and she makes the most of those nurse attires combined with lingerie sets.
The voice over during the sex scenes. Nana-chan herself narrates what is happening and going on through her mind while she has sex. This was of great help to achieve a feeling of intimacy. Loved this.
Nana-chan is awesome, and can’t wait for her comeback.

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JAV [English Subs] SSNI-154 I’m Always Held By My Father-in-law For 30 Minutes When My Husband Is Taking A Bath Tsukasa Aoi


Aoi Tsukasa has been happily married for a short period of time. Since her mother-in-law passed away, the Father-in-law (Ozawa Tōru), has been living alone.

So Aoi husband proposes to move over with the Father, so they can keep him company. Since Ozawa-san has an affable and amicable personality, Aoi-chan agrees happily.

But in reality, Ozawa Tōru has been tormented and lonely since her wife passed away.

One day the Father-in-law and Aoi-chan bump in the toilet, and he sees Aoi-chan naked, getting an instant boner… And that made him say goodbye to sanity. The next day, while the son is on the shower for 30 minutes, the father-in-law jumps on Aoi-chan. Which initially refuses, but the pure thrill of doing risky sex in a mere 30-minute window is too much for her too. Which ends up developing a taste for it…

Ozawa Tōru is an awesome actor, and one my favorites even. He is always doing the Father-in-law thing, which makes me lol, tbh.

Aoi Tsukasa does a very solid job too. That lingerie panty was truly the bomb!. Damn, damn.

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