JAV [English Subs] DVDES-851 College Girl Private Tutor Taming Her Virgin Student’s Cock Chitose Saegusa

Yurai Chitose (由來ちとせ) is a part-time teacher with a rather abstract teaching method. As her students are usually uninterested in studying she starts to giving them sex rewards, to keep their focus up.

In reality. This teaching job is just a coverup. She is basically more interested in banging those dicks. Imagine that. Live to see. The demon boys end up basically like bitches in this video, as Teacher Chitose is quite a devil and r3kts them big time.

The acting was pretty good. Chitose performance as the sassy teacher was awesome. The performance by Yūki Yudzuru (結城結弦, the same dude as MIMK-052), was really awesome too. The scene, while they are both on the desk studying, was hilariously funny. And when the Mom enters the room to ask hows things going I almost died laughing.

Another curiosity is that this mini-series is called “Extreme older sister/young boy creampie variety show”, and it lasted a mere 2 releases.

All in all, it was a really good video for all the wrong reasons…

JAV [English Subs] HUSR-113 This Brilliant Korean Beauty Science Student Gave Up Korean University Grad School And Becoming An AV Idol Debut Chang Min Cherin

This sub has been a commision covering the first scene of HUSR-113. Not what we usually subtitle, but for a change it’s okay. And it wouldn’t have crossed my mind subbing this otherwise.

The plot is similar to many American porn flicks: 2 Japanese dudes travel Seoul to hunt Korean ladies. They travel to the business center of the city and roam the streets around. They spot a hottie named “Cherin” sitting on a bench and start to tease her, promising her that she would become a famous Idol in Japan if she sucks their dicks, basically. Casting couch much?? Yes, indeed.

The girl Cherin, even not credited, appears at least in 3 other movies: HUSR-129, HUSR-136, HUSR-118. Is she really Korean? I don’t know, but it’s for sure that she understood some Japanese language at some point.

This HUSR series features some foreign and white actress in JAV. I for one, wouldn’t really mind having some of those high-caliber Korean and Chinese girls doing JAV…

JAV [English Subs] PPPD-571 Seductive Older Sister’s Big Tits Temptation Creampie Sex With Young Cock Ai Sayama

Shotacon is the noble art of seducing virgin Japanese boys. Usually by huge-titted semen demons. I feel this release was decent and the male-crew did a good job.

Tadashi and Shosuke are two young friends who are just breaking into puberty.

Now, Tadashi has an older sister, Sayama Ai. She is an older sassy sister with a beautiful smile, a huge pair of milky tits, and a ginormous sweet ass. She looks just gorgeous.

Shosuke initially has some interest in peeping the older sister naked, so they are not as innocent as they made themselves look. But it’s actually the older sister who will break the ice and start to perv on this Shotacon dudes.

Sayama Ai looks stunning and charming in this video. I love the way she smiles. And that ass, that ass!. Hot daaaaaamn gurl. Meaty.

JAV [English Subs] SSNI-241 My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Keep Prancing Around Without Her Bra And Seduce Me Shion Utsunomiya RION

A dude has a girlfriend which is flat as a plank and mildly tomboyish, but hey, having a girlfriend is a respectable thing. So he gets invited to the house to do some homework.

Suddenly the big sister RION appears introducing herself, with those big humongous pairs of OPPAI, dressing all sexy. Getting all over the dude, being seductive and all. She couldn’t be any more different than the sister: Curvy, big boobs, feminine, sexy, and not wearing any bra, which can be clearly be seen through the clothes transparency.

Later on the dude has sex with her Gf, but even so, he can’t forget those RION boobs and he obsesses about her. He sneaks out in the middle of the night to find RION. Hence

I still think RION acting lacks a little bit but I felt she did a much better job this time compared to recent releases, she also compensates with her crazy body and face. The drama part was also good and I could get behind this story.
RION has a little sister named Yuki, which also has a boyfriend younger than her. But RION finds the little dude so cute. So she starts to seduce him with her huge pair of humongous boobs.

Initially, Junior-kun loved Yuki, a plain as a table young girl, but after checking out big sister RION tits he acquires a newfound taste for big tits. Plus RION prancing around her tits without any bra is a wake-up call for him. He and RION start an affair literally under the sister’s nose.

The story is simple yet funny. RION looks hot… really hot.

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Watch JAV: [English Subtitles] Its Family Affairs Incest Uncensored

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A family of 4, father, mother, daughter, son (Perfect for incest) go about their daily lives in their house just doing sex stuff and fucking each other all about the place. The son is more enthusiastic about it all while the daughter resists at first but she comes around. Now you finally understand what all those pleas mean in English right?

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