JAV [English Subs] SNIS-958 Taking Advantage Of A Tall Big-Bootied Booth Babe’s Pussy Wedgie And Fuck Her Nana Matsumoto

Incredible, Nanae Matsumoto in Race queen costume cosplay is my dream come true.

First, and foremost. The caliber of Matsumoto Nanae is absolutely incredible. WTF. A tall goddess that delivers one awesome scene after the other. She is too good for porn. Even more as a Race queen. That white leather jacket looks so badass. And the final pink swimsuit made me definitively nosebleed. No doubt, she was an incredible beauty. Even more, if we compare her tall beauty with those short actors who stand beside her (poor dudes, Nanae is literally 20cm taller than them).

Now, the money in this JAV is that Nanae Matsumoto pretty much interprets herself in this video. A shy girl, that does Race Queen idol stuff and is also called Nanae. And wears S1 STYLE ONE clothes!!!, lol, it’s just freaking herself. I then supposed the scumbag managers, and corrupt JAV company is just themselves too. S1, haha this is too good to be true.

Gotta say at times I felt really bad for Nanae Matsumoto in this video. Her acting is so amateurish, and she is so green, there is no way she didn’t take this video personally.

To mix reality and fiction, even more, another awesome fact, is that, after this release, she just disappeared. Effectively retiring after only 6 movies. Phew!.

Anyhow, I lold at 13:51. I was thinking all along that with how tall Nanae Matsumoto is (173cm tall, even the cover says 178), she could really kick that dude’s ass for real if she really wanted.

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