JAV [English Subs] XVSR-060 Holy Mother! Nana Ayano

Ayano Nana is a Catholic Nun in Japan. She is very kind and genuine, somewhat naive, but she also has some self-admitted dark feelings in her heart. On top of that, she is very well looking. And everyone around her notices that fact.

When people in distress come seeking for help, she is always eager to offer help and a solution. Such a solution always involve the dude shooting their load, regardless of the problem. But hey, It always works wonderfully.

The first scene has a little bit of an absurd touch. Like when the dude takes out of nowhere a huge bottle of baby-oil and offers it to Ayano. But it was so hilarious and it plays perfectly.

All the other scenes have some juice too and they are good.

Ayano Nana is awesome and the queen of quirky. She is so funny and has a body to die for. I can’t be the only one who misses her greatly. But by now I don’t really expect her to make a comeback.

JAV [English Subs] XVSR-054 The Sudden Nurse Call Nana Ayano

XVSR-054 is my second Ayano Nana sub. In which she is a nurse working at a hospital ward. The patients staying in the hospital get stunned by Nana-chan looks and embark themselves into a quest to fuck the nurse.

XVSR-054 does two things very well:

Feature Ayano Nana sexiness in a major way. She looks awesome and hot during the whole duration of the film and she makes the most of those nurse attires combined with lingerie sets.
The voice over during the sex scenes. Nana-chan herself narrates what is happening and going on through her mind while she has sex. This was of great help to achieve a feeling of intimacy. Loved this.
Nana-chan is awesome, and can’t wait for her comeback.