JAV [English Subs] ATID-327 The Moist Pantyhose Of An Office Lady Saeko Matsushita

The video is awesome, and Saeko Matsushita is beyond awesome. The OL attire fits her really well, and I really enjoyed the semi-clothed sex scenes.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their clothing company, Saeko Matsushita invites a famous designer to collaborate with them. A misunderstanding arises and the dude accuses the company of plagiarism even it’s all an excuse because he just wants to bang Saeko. I don’t blame him. What follows is some amazing sex scenes.

ATID-327 is actually a humiliation/abuse fetish video, with a secondary OL/pantyhose fetish. It’s a really good AV that works well because:

Saeko is a dignified Female boss worth being humiliated.
Simple but effective plot.
Ridiculously good sex scenes.
Top-notch acting.

Plot = Matsushita Saeko, is a Female boss enjoying great success in a clothes designing company. She even scores a collaboration with a famous clothes designer, Sugiura-san. She, alongside a co-worker, meet with Sugiura-san to discuss business details but she quickly realizes Sugiura-san new designs are all plagiarized. She delegates the issue to her subordinate, who doesn’t properly handle the issue and the shitstorm unleashes.

Saeko feels guilty because she didn’t manage well the problem even she knew there would be an issue. Sugiura-san then goes ballistic and threatens to get everybody fired, but then sees the opportunity to make a move on Saeko.

There are many great moments in this AV, such as minute 00:10:28. And minute 00:11:28, where I thought our lovely Saeko-chan was going to finally get R3kt for good. Tomohiro Abe acting is truly awesome all along the video, he even speaks some English at minute 00:07:27.

Saeko sex scenes are very remarkable too. Her body is really impressive and I loved the pantyhose and humiliation scenes.

Can’t ask for more. 5/5

JAV [English Subs] PGD-766 The Temptation Of An Office Slut In Pantyhose Yuria Satomi

Yuria Satomi is one of the top JAV girls of all time. Easily the number 1 when it comes to OL (office lady) JAV. And PGD-766 is also one of my favorite JAV releases of all time.

The production value of PGD-766 is incredibly good. Yuria, as I said, is perfect for OL role, and in this release, she is in her prime and at his best performance. She looks beautiful and the pantyhose selection is amazing.

The sex action is also great, and the male crew did an incredible job.

The first scene with Taku Yoshimura (The male dude that looks like a dirty uncle), is hilarious.

The plot is very simple, but very well done and effective. And it has a twist by the end. And it’s really funny at moments. For example, at 00:56:52, Satomi Yuria typing on a turned off computer. Lol.

Because, Yes!, the true star of the film is, of course, Yuria Satomi and Yuria Satomi pantyhose. Whoever in the production team choose that pantyhose clothing deserves an award.

This release also sold so well, that Premium studio created a new pantyhose series. And this gimmick got popular and was imitated by other studios as well.

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Cutesy little office lady Ruri Shinohara got groped by her older manager and after she confessed her feelings for him they started fucking like energizer bunnies. They continued their relationship ever since and were fucking and chance they had. One day at work the manager told her he is going to be transferred but that didn’t stop them from having a distance relationship. Lonely and needy Ruri Shinohara calls up her mature lover and convinces him that they should get on video-chat. After talking for a while they decide to have cyber sex. The cute babe kneads her tits and does everything the older man is telling her. After the teasing is done she gets out some of her toys and licks them up before getting deep inside her pussy. While she is indecent and moaning her older lover is jerking off his throbbing cock.

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Looking all cute and professional in her gray uniform Tsubaki is explaining their next business move to an older man. He gets tired and flops down so Tsubaki goes to the side and starts stripping in order to cheer him up. After performing a juicy strip tease, revealing her hairy cunt she wants to feel god and cum at least once so she is licked and made wet by the man. After Tsubaki is on her knees she pulls out the older colleagues sausage and is munching on it while making seductive sounds. After getting bent over the slim babe is getting hardcore plowed in multiple poses before her cunt is filled with cum.

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