JAV [English Subs] JUX-800 The Wife Of A Very Masochistic Family Yuko Shiraki

Shiraki Yuuko re-marries with a man named Hiroshi, and she moves to live with the family, which is composed of the husband, 2 brothers, the son, the husband’s Father and the grandfather who is ill in bed and they all live together.

Yuuko wants to have a child, but the husband is not quite in the mood which leads to a bit of frustration.

The next day while cleaning the house, one of the brothers approaches Yuuko and asks her to for a very perverted thing: To suck his dick with a vacuum cleaner. Yuuko initially refuses, but being that she is a very kind woman and that she is very sexually starved, she agrees for just that little thing.

However one thing led to another, and Yuuko finds herself in the middle of a domination sex session. Shortly after the other brother joins up, and this unleashes pandora’s box. Because Yuuko realizes now that the whole family is full of perverts and that she just loves it, she will have fun with it.

Or to put it in another way: Man who loves domination fetish and love to get r3kt by a woman…

JAV [English Subs] ADN-122 Wife Sacrifice Fucked In Front Of Her Husband Yuko Shiraki

Well, that was a cool story. Shiraki Yuuko while walking on the park bumps into a homeless dude who steals her purse. The purse contains Yuuko key to the house and address, so upon finding the homeless dude decides to pay a visit.

That dude sneaks inside and steals, eats food, sniff underwear and decides to hide into a closet to take a nap inadvertently. The next day, Shiraki Yuuko opens the closet door to find this dude there, (Minute 00:09:00), which is a great moment of this video.

After that, well, it’s non-stop r*ping like there is no tomorrow.